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Since 1959 Swaziland Milling has ensured that our ever-growing consumers have access to quality brands necessary to live out their best lives! Our carefully selected, world-leading brands include Redbull, Grand-Pa, Aqua fresh and Amka Products. Our trusted locally manufactured brands include Buhlalu, Provite and Supa Nax.

Whatever the brand, wherever it’s bought, we ensure that it’s manufactured to the highest standard, distributed to meet demand, packaged and warehoused with excellence to meet consumers’ needs.

Swaziland Milling has a customer-first approach to matters and it only leaves you our dear customer with the sole duty of telling us the stories that matter to you. We encourage you to leave us your thoughts or simply get in touch with us by clicking on the button below.

International Expertise.

“We combine International expertise with our deep roots in diverse local cultures.” 


Sharon Jacobsz


To realize our vision, we have invested in a long-term strategy through innovation, that delivers constant growth to the benefit of stakeholders. Our operational expertise across our business model ensures we realize our vision of accelerating growth in the business.


We combine our international expertise with our deep roots in diverse local cultures. We supply a range of innovative brands to suit diverse local consumer needs. We constantly research emerging markets that we believe will be significant for our future growth.

Core Values…

Our values dene how we do business and interact with our people, stakeholders, customers and consumers. Our four core values are integrity, loyalty, ethics and innovation. As we expand into new markets, recruit new talent and face new challenges, our core values guide our people in the decisions and actions, they take every day.

Science & Technology.

“Our mission is to build brands through innovation unlocked by science and technology.”


Leon Jacobsz

100% Swazi

Proud, strong heritage Since 1959.

300+ Employees

Impacting People.

Over 165 Locations

Of brand distribution in Africa.

86 Brands

Deep integration with Leading Brands.

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