Whatever the brand, wherever it’s bought, we ensure that it’s manufactured to the highest standard, distributed to meet demand and packaged and warehoused with excellence to meet our consumers’ needs.


To realise our vision we have invested in a long-term strategy through innovation, that delivers constant growth to the benefit of our stakeholders.


Passionate about our work, Innovative and Exceptionally forward thinking company



A well known international brand that has remained an elite brand in a niche category of the FMCG industry in Swaziland. Red Bull is currently distributed within both independent and chain store outlets as well as the forecourt channel. Due to the high level of competition within the local market, we have extended our reach into the on premise market of pubs and clubs. We have had a presence for 3 years at an internationally known event popularly known as Bush Fire. This event is currently ranked among the top 5 African events by CNN.


Aquafresh® toothpaste has been a top choice in oral care for over 40 years. Generation after generation has counted on Aquafresh® for clean, protected teeth and healthy, happy smiles. Millions of people of all ages rely on Aquafresh® as part of their daily care routine

Playboy / Playgirl

A recently re-packaged brand in the fragrances category but well known International brand. Swaziland Milling has been given the authority to trade and distribute the fragrances of Playboy and Playgirl only.

No.1 Dentist Recommended Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth

In working with GSK as a business, Swaziland Milling has implemented the worldwide strategy of Sensodyne. Our partnership has led to the unlocking of a category driven by gum sensitivity experienced within the entire LSM range. This has meant that our distribution channels have increased from the higher LSM outlets to the lower LSM outlets. Coupled with the above strategy, our new pharmacy distribution solution will strengthen the distribution footprint.


Showcase your beauty through the best hair care and personal care products by Sofn’Free®. Women around the world depend on Sofn’Free’s® classic products to easily maintain healthy, naturally beautiful hair.


Taste the energy with Lucozade Energy Drink! Packed with over 10 Awesome flavours, Lucozade helps “put you in the zone” and once “you’re in the zone, nothing can stand in your way”!


Currently one of the most traded brands in Swaziland and a large portion of the GSK sales basket. The 100 year old brand consists of a powder and tablet variant catering for multiple unique markets. Swaziland Milling has had to implement a sales and distribution strategy to cater for the different demand per variant. Our latest venture has been strategically partnering with two pharmacy distribution centres to allow for consumers to fully experience the Grandpa way. The brand alongside GSK brands like Aquafresh, Sensodyne, ENO and Med-Lemon to name a few are distributed across the formal chain stores of PNP, Boxer and Spar as well as the extremely competitive Independent chain of wholesalers and vendor operators.

Clere Radiance®

Clere Radiance® is a new skincare range developed by trusted South African brand, Clere®. Aimed at addressing the primary skincare issues that many South African women experience, the 3-in-1 range focuses on oil control and even tone skin. Enriched with a specially formulated Super Fruit Serum, Clere Radiance® products provide anti-oxidant properties to help protect the skin. These antioxidants also limit the production of free radicals, which cause inflammation and premature ageing.

SKYY Vodka®

SKYY® is one of the first vodkas made from American grains and water, and uses an innovative proprietary quadruple distillation and triple filtration process. Enjoy the ultimate solution for all who want a tasty, premium SKYY cocktail, without the fuss or need for a mixology degree.

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